A Real Tooth

So, yesterday Jeramy got his front tooth pulled. When he was a teenager he got in a fight and got punched in the mouth. Apparently, that punch has caused his tooth to die. Ever since we've been married - 14 years - he has had a recurring nightmare about that tooth falling out.

Last fall his tooth started turning kind of pink so he had it looked at, and they told him it was starting to dissolve and eventually it would just fall out. So, he decided to get an implant. He wasn't too keen on the prospect of being half way around the world on a business trip and having his front tooth fall out!

Yesterday he got it pulled, had the screw put up in the bone and had a temporary tooth put in. In three months, after the screw has had time to fuse to the bone, he will go back for the real tooth. I begged him to take a picture of him without a tooth - but he didn't think the request was remotely amusing. I think it would have made for a much better blog post.

His temporary tooth looks great, but Ella has been a little disturbed by the whole thing. After he got home and told us about it, she ran right in the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Then last night for family prayer and today for the lunch prayer, she started with "Please bless that Daddy can get a real tooth...." She said his temporary "doesn't look like a fake tooth" but she said she "wants him to be able to eat apples and toast." I can see how life without apples and toast would seem traumatic to a five-year old!


Tiffany Garfield said...

Oh Come on Jeramy! Take the toothless picture! haha.

Tiffany said...

I think if I can post pictures of me from the 80's Jeramy can post a toothless picture!
The prayers are cute...don't you just love what your kids pray for sometimes?

Emily said...

Jeramy, this is your sister and I want to see the toothless picture!! Please, please, please?

Implants, huh? We know all about that. Did he have a periodontist do the procedure or an oral surgeon? Too bad you aren't in NC, Eric could have given you a great deal--family special.

The Kimbles said...

Oh...I have to have that done too. It's not my front tooth but the next one over (car wreck). Jeramy will have to tell me all about it, and maybe refer me to his Doctor. Seriously...I want details! Tell Jeramy I won't be posing for any toothless pictures either.

Ella is so sweet. How could the big guy not smile at that one!

Alma Clark said...

This is Jessica, not Alma. Tamara Faye, Jer told us all about the ordeal before it happened. He neglected to show us his pink tooth though. As far as that website goes, I really am thinking about tackling the neurology and cognitive sciences along with chemistry. Who knows, if I practice now, when the kids are gone, well...who knows...

Love you guys,