Girls Ski Day

Yesterday Ella and I had a girls ski day. We were supposed to go last weekend and I even paid for lessons (nonrefundable) for her, but as our stay at the cabin didn't quite turn out like we wanted we were unable to ski. Since I had already paid, Jeramy and I worked it out that Ella and I would go up and both take lessons and he would stay with Finn.

The entire drive up I was peppered with questions by my very inquisitive daughter. "Mom, if I met a baby bear would he be nice to me?" After seeing a mountain goat on the drive "Mom, if I met a baby mountain goat, would he be nice to me?" "Mom, why are there balls on the wire?" "Mom, why did some people used to want to have slaves?" "Mom, do I run fast like a cheetah?" After a beautiful hour-and-a-half drive, my head reeling from our Q&A session, we finally got to Winter Park.

Ella did a full day lesson and had the time of her life. I knew by the end of the day she would either hate or love skiing. Luckily she loved it! They started the kids on the tiniest slope to teach them some of the basics and then had them use the magic carpets for a while. After lunch they took them up the chair lift to a really flat green run and had them practice. How could you not have a fun day with an instructor named "Mr. Potatohead!"

As for me, I enrolled in the "Learn to Ski" lessons - for people who have never really skied before. I've been about 3 times - twice in the early 90s and once a few years ago. I thought it would be good to start with the basics and learn proper form and technique. There were only three people in my class, so it was a nice student/instructor ratio. Even though I've hardly been skiing, I was surprised how much I did remember - kind of like riding a bike. I was a little anxious to go a faster and try more challenging runs but still had a great day! Now I've got the bug and can't wait to go again. Hopefully we can fit in another day before the end of the season.

What a fun, gorgeous day up in the mountains. The weather was beautiful - sunny and warm - and the scenery even more so. Even from the tiniest little green runs I was on the views were spectacular. I can hardly imagine what the views were higher up the mountain. All day long I kept thinking that this is why we live in Colorado! It's just one of the many reasons we love it and feel so blessed to be here!

What a beautiful view of the Continental Divide and
of Long's Peak! It is much more spectacular in person!


Emily said...

What lucky girls! Sounds like both of you had a blast. How nice that Jer was able to stay home and you two could go out.

Ella and Miles need to get together and they can ask each other all their questions. What busy little minds they have!

Carley said...

What a fun mother daughter outing. I have always wanted to live near the mountains, probably why we live in Florida huh? Ha ha. The view is beautiful.

Marilee said...

Looks like a fabulous day AND you look fabulous in your ski suit (wink wink)! Glad you had a great day! My question is, how many questions did Ella ask on the way home? I'll bet close to none, she was probably wiped out after such a fun day!

Maurita said...

how fun for a day together. & good for you to get out and go too. Looking at the beautiful mountains, I wish I lived there too--we'd better get to Jasper soon before the snow melts (I haven't been snowboarding since my pre-baby life.) Hope Ella had a fun time... & Jer??

Laura Lee said...

So fun!! I'm glad you have caught the bug. Your invited to come skiing in Utah anytime!! What a great girls day!!