Crazy Kids

Life with little kids is certainly never dull! They sometimes do and say the funniest, craziest things. Here are two funny things that have happened recently:

Finn - So this morning I put Finn down for his morning nap. He has had a fever and has been sweating like crazy when he sleeps, so I just put him for his nap in his diaper and shirt. Shortly after I put him down he started crying and wouldn't stop, so I went to check on him. He had taken off his diaper and was standing up half naked crying. I went to pick him up and noticed the floor was wet. I looked down and saw that he had thrown out his pillow and stuffed Elmo and had peed all over them, the carpet and his crib bedding. Wonderful! I thought I still had another year or so until he started peeing everywhere.

Ella - On our trip to Australia, Ella ended up eating at McDonalds a few times (yuck!). She has always loved chicken nuggets but recently decided to branch out and try a cheeseburger. The first time she got a cheeseburger, she decided she didn't like anything on it but ketchup, cheese and the burger. So, the second time she wanted one she had to make sure to tell me that she did not want pickles or rice on her burger. Rice??? Me (puzzled): "Ella, they don't put rice on the burgers." Her (emphatically): "Yes, they do, Mom! Didn't you see all those little white things on my burger last time." ......Oh, the chopped onion. Too funny! Next time I'll be sure and have them hold the pickles and rice, Ella!

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Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

When I read about the rice on the burger, I knew exactly what she meant! What does that say about me?