A Real Tooth

So, yesterday Jeramy got his front tooth pulled. When he was a teenager he got in a fight and got punched in the mouth. Apparently, that punch has caused his tooth to die. Ever since we've been married - 14 years - he has had a recurring nightmare about that tooth falling out.

Last fall his tooth started turning kind of pink so he had it looked at, and they told him it was starting to dissolve and eventually it would just fall out. So, he decided to get an implant. He wasn't too keen on the prospect of being half way around the world on a business trip and having his front tooth fall out!

Yesterday he got it pulled, had the screw put up in the bone and had a temporary tooth put in. In three months, after the screw has had time to fuse to the bone, he will go back for the real tooth. I begged him to take a picture of him without a tooth - but he didn't think the request was remotely amusing. I think it would have made for a much better blog post.

His temporary tooth looks great, but Ella has been a little disturbed by the whole thing. After he got home and told us about it, she ran right in the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Then last night for family prayer and today for the lunch prayer, she started with "Please bless that Daddy can get a real tooth...." She said his temporary "doesn't look like a fake tooth" but she said she "wants him to be able to eat apples and toast." I can see how life without apples and toast would seem traumatic to a five-year old!


Weekend at the Cabin..... sort of

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go with some of our friends up to their parents cabin in Granby, for the weekend. It is an amazing cabin set on a beautiful piece of property with an incredible view. We've gone the past few years and really look forward to going.

We went up Friday evening and had plans to put Ella in ski school on Saturday and then either Jeramy or I go with her and the other stay with Finn and do a little sledding at the cabin and maybe get some snowshoeing in, too and then come home Sunday morning.

Well, Friday night when we went to bed at 1:00, after some guitar-accompanied singing and all the husbands threatening to make a music video for YouTube, and some Phase 10 for the girls, Finn woke up and was up until almost 5:30am. He ended up coughing all night long, unable to fall asleep. As a result, Jeramy nor I got a wink of sleep until 5:30am. We probably could have managed okay, except for the night before I had my sister's kids and all the kids, except Finn, were up in the night several times. Ella and my niece, Avery, were awake most of the night, so Jeramy and I ended up with about 4 hours of interrupted sleep. So after a 4 hour night, staying up until 5:30am just did us in. We are getting too old to party like rockstars anymore! When 7:30am rolled around and both kids got up, neither of us could even entertain the idea of skiing/snowboarding all day, so we ditched skiing.

We tried to get Finn to take a morning nap with no success, so Saturday morning we just wimped out - packed up and came home. Ella had been so excited to ski and took the bad news really well - I was so proud of her. She put on her snow clothes and went out to play in the snow and do a little sledding while we packed up and had a fabulous time!

Despite the weekend not turning out how we would have liked, we still had a great time! Even the short amount of time we were there was fun and it's always so nice to get away - even for a night.


Anne of Green Gables

A few months back I started telling Ella some of the stories that happen in Anne of Green Gables. She became really interested in it, so for Christmas we got her an Anne of Green Gables chapter book. We've been reading every night for the past few weeks and just finished tonight. We both loved reading it.

Tonight we read the part where Matthew dies. I thought Ella might be kind of sad but then she started asking if she was still going to be alive when Jeramy died and started just sobbing saying she didn't want to be alive without her daddy. It was so heartbreaking! Then she asked if we were going to die at the same time. Based on how upset she already was, what could I tell her but "yes". After I got her settled down, we finished the book.

I have to confess that I have never read the book, but the movie that came out in the 80s with Megan Follows as Anne of Green Gables, is one of my favorites! Since we started the book she has been begging to watch the movie. We decided to wait until we finished the book and we'd have an Anne of Green Gables movie night. I'm so excited to see what Ella thinks of the movie. I noticed the Classic Starts has a version of Little Women. I think we'll read that one next, followed by the movie with Winona Ryder & Susan Sarandon. Someday we'll hit Pride & Prejudice!


Filthy 50

I am wiped! This morning I went to work out with Cliff, my trainer, and it was brutal. He is always really tough - but today he really outdid himself. Luckily, my friends Marilee and Mindy came with me this morning - misery loves company!

Cliff has this newer workout circuit that he calls the Filthy 50 that is so tough! There are ten exercises that you do fifty reps of. He times you and you cannot move onto a new exercise until you have completed all fifty reps. This was my first time doing the circuit. We did a practice one a few weeks back where we did only about 30 reps on half the exercises. The exercises are:

1) Burpees (a squat thrust with a push up and a jump at the end). These are probably the worst. I'm not sure why they're called "burpees." Barfees or pukees would be much more fitting!
2) Back Extensions
3) Box Jumps (he has these boxes that are about 12-15 high that you jump up and step off)
4) Squat Thrusts with shoulder press using 5-10 lb dumbells
5) Jumping pull-ups
6) Hanging leg lifts
7) Medicine Ball toss (you throw a medicine ball against the wall then squat when you catch)
8) Kettle bell swings
9) Lunges
10) Jump rope (200)

This morning he didn't have us do the jump ropes (too many bathroom breaks for us moms!) and I am still working my way up on the leg lifts. I did 25 hanging, then 25 on the Roman Chair. He timed us and I did it in just over 24 minutes - which is about 8 minutes faster than my time when I did the modified test run. I still would love to shave some more time off and need to get to 50 hanging leg lifts and add the jump ropes but was pretty happy with my improvement.

After we caught our breath we did some abs and finished off with treadmill sprints - 10.0 incline 7.0 speed. It was a fantastic workout! Anyone looking for a new, tough workout - this is it!


More Tag!

My fun, talented SIL Shanna also tagged me

2 Names I Go By:
1) TCo - Jeramy loves to make up silly nicknames for everyone. He made this one up during the whole "JLo" phase and it kind of stuck.
2) Tamairhead - My friend Melissa coined this one back in high school. I think it's so funny, and sadly a little true!

2 Things I'm Wearing Right Now:
1) My favorite jewelry item - I got a chucky gold bracelet from Anthropologie with a "T" charm on it a few months back. I LOVE it, it goes with everything so I wear it every single day!
2) A new lipgloss that I love - Sephora brand's "Rusted Rose".

2 of my Favorite Things to do
1) Workout - I can be kind of lazy, but fortunately I have a trainer who doesn't let that fly at the gym. When I'm done I feel amazing. It's an especially great pick-me-up /outlet when Jeramy's out of town.
2) Date nights!!!

2 Things I Want Very Badly
1) My children to sleep in until 9:00am tomorrow morning (since it's 2:30am)
2) A cure for stretch marks.

2 Favorite Pets I Have/Had
1) A German Shepherd named Princess that we got when I was about 9 and who lived until after I was married.
2) That's it - I'm really not a pet person - AT ALL!

2 Things I Did Last Night
1) Went to the mall in search of some jeans. After trying on a million pairs, left empty handed and very depressed!
2) Because of #1, ate a chocolate chip cookie from Paradise Bakery to help ease my pain. Doubt it will help me find some jeans - but it sure was yummy!

2 Things I Ate Today
1) A Protein Shake for "brunch"
2) A yummy lunch at Panera - Fandango salad and a cup of soup!

2 People I Last Talked To
1) Jeramy - he just flew out tonight to Chicago
2) Myself - I've recently realized I sometimes do this. Not full conversations but just little comments here and there.

2 Longest Car Rides
I've been in a million long car rides - think Utah to Canada and back; Colorado to Canada and back and throw in a little blizzard - lots of hours in the car! Two of most memorable car rides that seemed as though they would never end:
1) When I was about 4 months pregnant with Ella we went to Canada and from there to Echo Lake in Montana. I remember driving back to Colorado and Jeramy was sleeping and I just stationed a ziplock bag (the gallon size, of course) between my legs and threw up for hours while driving. Once Jeramy woke up and discovered this, he promptly banned me from driving so I just had to sit there with nothing to do or focus on for another 14 hours and throw up. We had to stop at a gas station along the way to replenish the ziplocks. It was miserable!
2) This one is the longest car ride proportionate to miles traveled - A few years ago I went to Moab with some friends to do a half marathon. We were supposed to meet at 9:15 am to leave. So Jeramy took me to the drop off at 9:15. Moab is about 350 miles - so should take 5 or 5.5 hours. We thought we would get there around 3:00 at the latest. Well, we ended up getting away a lot later than planned because the bike store, where our friends bike was waiting to be picked up, didn't open until an hour later than they thought, and it just all went downhill from there. We ended up stopping a lot for various reasons and ended up getting to Moab at about 7:00 pm. So from the time Jeramy dropped me off until our destination was nearly 10 hours to go 350 miles - 35 miles/hour! At least I was with great company and we had a lot of fun things to talk about.

2 Favorite Holidays
1) Christmas - Everything about it is magical! The liveliness and festivities, the lights and bright colors, the music - there's just a special electricity in the air. Especially now that I have kids - to see them enjoy the season is priceless. Of course the real meaning behind Christmas is what makes it truly magic. And although the commercial aspect can take over, I think in their hearts people do realize what it's about. I love that most people seem more kind, happy, thoughtful, and selfless at that time of year. I wish it would last all year long!
2) Thanksgiving - This has recently emerged as a new favorite. For one thing it's in the fall - my favorite season! Also, being Canadian - we actually celebrate Thanksgiving twice - once in October and once in November. It's just so enjoyable to get together with loved ones and share a wonderful meal and reflect on the many blessings we have. I love that it's kind of the kick-off to the holiday season (American Thanksgiving) and that is means a 4-day weekend!

2 Favorite Beverages
1) Ice cold water! Nothing like it.
2) Diet Coke - NOT caffeine free - which explains why I am awake at 2:30 am sharing embarassing things about myself.

OK I tag Colleen, Erin, Brecken, Mindy and Courtney

Tunes Tag

A few days ago I was "tagged" by an old college roomie, Bonnie. Thanks Bonnie - what a fun topic to be tagged! I looooove music which actually made this assignment a little difficult - only five???Anyway, the rules are simple - pick five songs from your music collection and explain why you love them.

Well, since the only source of music I actually listen to is on iTunes/iPod, I went straight to the source and started browsing through my library for five songs that I love and that I feel best represent me. I could have listed 500, easily. Music has always been a love of mine - ever since I was in sixth grade and got a walkman and a "Footloose" tape which I'm sure I about burned through listening to over and over and over (I could probably still sing you all the words to "Let's Hear It For the Boy!") Let me allay your fears - even though that was a milestone in my history of music - no Footloose on my list. OK, so here they are:

1) Soul Meets Body - Death Cab for Cutie - One of my favorite ways to waste time is to browse through iTunes, find songs I like and then follow the recommendations of other people's recommendations. That is how I found Death Cab for Cutie a few years back. I sampled them and immediately downloaded the whole album and after 2 1/2 years still love it. Usually I get so sick of songs but I could listen to "Soul Meets Body" every day for the rest of my life and not tire of it. The other reason I chose this song is because it represents one of my favorite styles of music - indie rock! I love it!

2) Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake - This probably seems like a really weird pick. But I chose this song for a few reasons. First of all this has an incredible beat to it and is a fantastic song to work out to. I love finding songs that make me want to keep moving. The other reason I chose this is because it reminds me of training for my triathlon last year. This was a great song to keep me going and I especially remember one run in particular that I was struggling with a hill and this song got me to the top.

3) Ordinary Miracle - Sarah McLachlan - Like the previous two, I chose this song for a few reasons. Number one, I love Sarah McLachlan! I have loved her since her song "Vox" came out in 1988. And very important - she is Canadian, which reminds me of my roots. Also, I just absolutely love this song. The lyrics are so simple but have such a profound meaning behind them. It is such a great reminder to stop and notice and appreciate all the beauty and wonderful things around us. So many lyrics these days are really pointless and a far cry from poetic or deep, so I really love that this song has a great message to it.

4) Home - Michael Buble - Another Canadian on the list! I love Michael Buble's voice. Also, I love the genre of a lot of his songs - some of the old standards (think "The Way You Look Tonight") I love those old songs and I think Michael Buble has the perfect voice for that genre. The reason I chose this particular song is because it reminds me that although Jeramy is often far away in his travels in fabulous cities doing exciting things, more than anything he wants to be here with us. "'Mid palaces and pleasures although we may roam, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!" So true!

5) I'll Melt With You - Modern English - My list could absolutely not be complete with at least one song from the 80s! Possibly my all-time favorite genre of music. It's because that is when I fell in love with music. When I hear my favorite 80s songs, they almost always have at least one memory attached - a dance, a party, a car ride. As soon as the song starts a million wonderful (mostly - a few heart breaks are in the mix) memories come flooding back. It was such an exciting time in life! I picked "I'll Melt With You" to represent my love of 80s songs - especially all the alternative 80s stuff - Oingo Boingo, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, etc......

Well, thanks for the tag Bonnie! It was a fun assignment and I would love to hear from a few of my blogging pals. Since that was such a fun trip down memory lane and I'm feeling a little nostalgic - I'm choosing all Canadians to respond!

Maurita and Tiffany - wonderful high school pals
Marilee - fellow Canadian Coloradan
My cousin Laura Lee
My sister Kim

Looking forward to your responses!

Hannah Montana

So last Thursday night, some friends and I took our girls to the Hannah Montana movie. For those of you who aren't big HM fans, the movie - "Hannah Montant & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert" -- stars Miley performing as both HM and herself during her tour. It was in 3D and was great! The girls all looked so cute with their big huge 3D glasses on, standing up dancing and cheering.

Ella had such a great time, she was on her feet half the movie bopping up and down, dancing and cheering. It was so adorable! She was a bit of a fan before the movie but ever since we saw the movie she has started to become obsessed. She loves to go get a whisk or beater out of the drawer --for a microphone, naturally -- and will then crank the music on my computer and dance all around the house, singing at the top of her lungs. Anyone with Skype can call us on our computer and get a free concert!

Tonight she asked why Hannah Montana couldn't come to her birthday party. I explained that she was super busy with her show and concerts, etc. not to mention that she didn't even know Ella. Ella's quick -- and dead serious -- reply was "but Mom, doesn't she know I'm her biggest fan?" How could I argue with that? So now, Ella has decided if HM can't come here, that she wants to go visit -- right after she learns French and goes to Paris! What a girl!
Ella, Ellie, Chandler, Annie & Abby. Stars in the making!

Poor Sierra didn't quite make it all the way through the movie
All budding stars need their beauty rest!



Today is Finn's birthday! My little baby boy is one! I cannot even believe it has already been a year. All day I kept thinking - " a year ago now we were on our way to the hospital; a year ago now we found out we were going to have a c-section; a year ago now I held him for the very first time!" So fun to think back to the day he was born and to think how many wonderful moments we have had this year.

Tonight we had a little party for him. We had a few friends over to help celebrate. First, we had him open his gifts. We sat him on the floor of the living room and all circled around him. As soon as he realized all eyes were on him, he got this big smile and kept looking around from person to person, trying to figure out what was going on.

After gifts, we did the cake. As we lit the candles and turned the lights off, his face just lit up! His eyes were huge and his smile even bigger. He just looked around with wonder and delight as we all sang to him. He definitely outshone the candles. So precious!

Then - my favorite part! We stripped him down to his diaper, put him on the kitchen floor and gave him a huge chocolate and vanilla cupcake to go to town with. It was so fun to watch! He didn't quite go for it the way I imagined he would but in the end, enjoyed eating the cupcakes but mostly enjoyed squishing and smearing the frosting EVERYWHERE! It was great!

The beginning and end of the Cakefest!
You can imagine what happened in between.

It's hard to believe that such a tiny little creature can occupy such a huge place in one's heart. What a joy every day of the past year has been as I have watched my adorable, happy little boy grow. He has such a fun-loving, playful personality and an infectious smile and laugh. He's my precious little puppy dog, crawling beside me, behind me, around me, all day long, panting, chewing on anything he can get his hands on. If he had a tail, I know it would be wagging constantly.

Each morning when he wakes up - even though I'm tired and fantasize about staying in bed a little longer -- I really am excited to go in his room and see him. Without fail, he is standing up waiting for me or Jeramy and as soon as he sees us, he giggles then turns around and dives - face first - into his crib.

What a blessing this little guy has been to me and Jeramy and Ella. He has brought so much love and happiness into our family and even though we've only had him a year, I can't remember our lives before him. I'm so excited to see what is in store for us this next year.


Birthday Collage

I can't believe that tomorrow is Finn's birthday! Over the past few days, I've been looking back through his pictures to try and find one for each month of his first year. For his birthday, I wanted to display pictures of him - newborn through one year. I also did this for Ella's first birthday and it was so fun to see how she had grown.

Last night I was talking to my SIL, Shanna, and we were talking shop - Photoshop that is - and she gave me the idea to do a collage. I'm pretty inexperienced in Photoshop and I'm just kind of a figure-it-out-as-I-go kind of gal, but I thought it was a great, fun idea. So, I took the pictures I had compiled and put them together in a collage. The top left picture is Finn the day we brought him home from the hospital, 2 days old. Each picture represents one month of his life and the bottom left one was taken yesterday. What wonderful memories and moments we have had this year!


Tomorrow Is a New Day!

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's just been one of those days and I thought this quote was a great way to end it. Absurdities, indeed! It's been a husband out of town for a week not to return for another four days - baby sick - throwing up everywhere- out of Pedialyte - off to the store for more but wait - dead car battery - running on 3 hours of sleep - have to cancel the babysitter and mom's night out -kind of days! Really more humorous than anything!

On a good note, I got our taxes done tonight. My goal is always to have them done by February 1st each year and since I just finally got Jeramy's W2 today, I barely made my deadline. We've been getting refunds the past several years, so I get a little gung-ho to get them done because I want our money back. I know it's lame to be giving the government an interest free loan. I used to meticulously calculate things each year so we'd break even. I've just decided it's too much hassle to stay on top of and, to be honest, it's kind of nice to get a little late winter "bonus". I realize I'm a complete geek - or "keener" as I was lovingly referred to by my high school pals -- to admit that I actually enjoy doing them. I'm not so sure if it's the anticipation of getting a check in the mail as much as the fact that it reminds me of my career days when I used to be smart and utilize a much larger portion of my brain on a daily basis. Whatever it is - I can now check taxes off my list for another year and start fantasizing about what I would love to buy with some of our refund. I've had my eye on this adorable dress at Anthropologie......