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2 Names I Go By:
1) TCo - Jeramy loves to make up silly nicknames for everyone. He made this one up during the whole "JLo" phase and it kind of stuck.
2) Tamairhead - My friend Melissa coined this one back in high school. I think it's so funny, and sadly a little true!

2 Things I'm Wearing Right Now:
1) My favorite jewelry item - I got a chucky gold bracelet from Anthropologie with a "T" charm on it a few months back. I LOVE it, it goes with everything so I wear it every single day!
2) A new lipgloss that I love - Sephora brand's "Rusted Rose".

2 of my Favorite Things to do
1) Workout - I can be kind of lazy, but fortunately I have a trainer who doesn't let that fly at the gym. When I'm done I feel amazing. It's an especially great pick-me-up /outlet when Jeramy's out of town.
2) Date nights!!!

2 Things I Want Very Badly
1) My children to sleep in until 9:00am tomorrow morning (since it's 2:30am)
2) A cure for stretch marks.

2 Favorite Pets I Have/Had
1) A German Shepherd named Princess that we got when I was about 9 and who lived until after I was married.
2) That's it - I'm really not a pet person - AT ALL!

2 Things I Did Last Night
1) Went to the mall in search of some jeans. After trying on a million pairs, left empty handed and very depressed!
2) Because of #1, ate a chocolate chip cookie from Paradise Bakery to help ease my pain. Doubt it will help me find some jeans - but it sure was yummy!

2 Things I Ate Today
1) A Protein Shake for "brunch"
2) A yummy lunch at Panera - Fandango salad and a cup of soup!

2 People I Last Talked To
1) Jeramy - he just flew out tonight to Chicago
2) Myself - I've recently realized I sometimes do this. Not full conversations but just little comments here and there.

2 Longest Car Rides
I've been in a million long car rides - think Utah to Canada and back; Colorado to Canada and back and throw in a little blizzard - lots of hours in the car! Two of most memorable car rides that seemed as though they would never end:
1) When I was about 4 months pregnant with Ella we went to Canada and from there to Echo Lake in Montana. I remember driving back to Colorado and Jeramy was sleeping and I just stationed a ziplock bag (the gallon size, of course) between my legs and threw up for hours while driving. Once Jeramy woke up and discovered this, he promptly banned me from driving so I just had to sit there with nothing to do or focus on for another 14 hours and throw up. We had to stop at a gas station along the way to replenish the ziplocks. It was miserable!
2) This one is the longest car ride proportionate to miles traveled - A few years ago I went to Moab with some friends to do a half marathon. We were supposed to meet at 9:15 am to leave. So Jeramy took me to the drop off at 9:15. Moab is about 350 miles - so should take 5 or 5.5 hours. We thought we would get there around 3:00 at the latest. Well, we ended up getting away a lot later than planned because the bike store, where our friends bike was waiting to be picked up, didn't open until an hour later than they thought, and it just all went downhill from there. We ended up stopping a lot for various reasons and ended up getting to Moab at about 7:00 pm. So from the time Jeramy dropped me off until our destination was nearly 10 hours to go 350 miles - 35 miles/hour! At least I was with great company and we had a lot of fun things to talk about.

2 Favorite Holidays
1) Christmas - Everything about it is magical! The liveliness and festivities, the lights and bright colors, the music - there's just a special electricity in the air. Especially now that I have kids - to see them enjoy the season is priceless. Of course the real meaning behind Christmas is what makes it truly magic. And although the commercial aspect can take over, I think in their hearts people do realize what it's about. I love that most people seem more kind, happy, thoughtful, and selfless at that time of year. I wish it would last all year long!
2) Thanksgiving - This has recently emerged as a new favorite. For one thing it's in the fall - my favorite season! Also, being Canadian - we actually celebrate Thanksgiving twice - once in October and once in November. It's just so enjoyable to get together with loved ones and share a wonderful meal and reflect on the many blessings we have. I love that it's kind of the kick-off to the holiday season (American Thanksgiving) and that is means a 4-day weekend!

2 Favorite Beverages
1) Ice cold water! Nothing like it.
2) Diet Coke - NOT caffeine free - which explains why I am awake at 2:30 am sharing embarassing things about myself.

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Brecken said...

very funny! thanks for keeping my contribution to the long moab trip mum.

Kerry and Mindy said...

I love learning NEW things about you. Just when you think you know your friends, you throw out nick names I did not know... NOW, I know! YEAH!