Still Kicking

It's official! My hiatus from the blog world is over - for now, anyway. I'm not really sure why I've been so removed from my blog and everyone else's. I haven't been extraordinarily busy but I finally found the motivation to get a few projects done around the house - painting the kitchen, making new curtains, filling up all the empty frames around my house with actual pictures, organizing, cleaning the garage. I'll blame it on Spring Fever and then over the summer we have been gone a lot (which I will post about soon). But I'm back and look forward to catching up on everyone else's blogs over the next few days. I just checked my RSS reader and I have 87 posts that I have not read! Yikes! Sorry I've been so out of touch.

We have had such a great summer and I have tons to post about. The kids are growing up way too fast. Last year Ella was big into imaginary friends and boyfriends. She had an imaginary friend "Lizabell" that was her sister and a boyfriend "Eric" (probably inspired from her short obsession with "The Little Mermaid.") So a few nights ago Jeramy was asking Ella where Lizabell was. Without thinking too much about it, she quickly responded "She grew up." Then Jeramy asked what happened to Eric and Ella promptly replied "he broke up with me." It was so funny but a little sad to see how my little girl is vanishing before my eyes. She's had some big milestones this summer, which I will elaborate on in a later post.

As for Finn, he is 18 months and has turned into a wild little creature. He is trouble with a capital T, but so darn cute, sweet, and funny (clearly, I'm not very objective! :)) that it's easy to overlook his naughtiness! He is into everything, climbs on everything and has started throwing some good tantrums!

Well, we had a fantastic summer and I have tons to post about - trips to Canada, family reunion in Aspen Grove, getaway to Hawaii, triathlon, learning to ride a two-wheeler, our cover baby, and Ella's first day of Kindergarten -- so stay tuned.