Thanks Grandma!

For Christmas my mom gave Ella and her cousins a little make-up kit. Of course the girls all loved it and Ella wasted no time getting gorgeous! What makeup kit is complete without electric blue eyeshadow?



Christmas morning was spent at our house with just our little family. It was really nice!!! It was so much fun to watch the kids and we spent half the day in our pjs playing with the kids and their toys. Ella's highlight was getting her American Girl doll who looks just like her - down to the pierced ears! She named her Lucy Anna. Finn really enjoyed his first Christmas and quickly figured out how to tear paper off gifts in a hurry. What a wonderful day! It was also made extra special by getting a ton of beautiful, white fluffy snow. Talk about a White Christmas!


Christmas Eve

My favorite part of Christmas, is always Christmas Eve. My family has some great traditions that make Christmas Eve very special and memorable.

This year my parents and brother were in town, so we had Christmas Eve at my sister's house. We had our big Christmas turkey dinner, a cute program including the nativity (hilarious!), musical and dancing performances by the kids some songs by my dad on his guitar and a surprise visit by Santa.
Finn didn't have a part in the nativity, so
he nominated himself to be baby Jesus.

Finn's first time meeting Santa.

Definitely a Cooper-Leavitt
(the BIG mouth is a dead giveaway!)