My Sensitive Little Guy

Wow, another 4 months has come and gone and ne'er a blog post to be found.  It's the cute, funny, day-to-day stuff that I feel like I am not documenting well.  So, even though I am behind with a lot of the major things, I couldn't let the day pass without documenting a tender little moment that happened today.

This morning I took Chase to the doctor for his 1-year well visit.  On the drive to the doctor Finn asked if Chase was going to get shots and seemed a little concerned about it.  Once at the doctor's office, when the doctor came in to see us Finn seemed to get a little anxious again and started asking me about Chase's shots and asked "Why are you doing this, Mom?"  Things came to a head when, after leaving the room, the doctor returned with all of the shots - 4 of them :( -  on a little tray.  Finn started to get really upset saying he didn't want Chase to get shots and was nearly crying about it.  The doctor asked if Finn wanted to go out in the hall and wait so he didn't have to watch.  Finn nodded his head, picked up a toy truck to take with him, then left the room alone and shut the door.  Finn waited outside all by himself while Chase got all 4 shots in his legs. 

He must have been able to hear things to know when we were done because shortly after the shots were over, the door opened and Finn, a little wide-eyed, re-emerged.  He came right over to Chase and gave him a big hug and was offering lots of soothing "shhhhhhhh's" and "It's OK, Chasey baby." 

I absolutely love that about Finn.  Anytime someone in our family goes anywhere - even a quick 20 minute store to the trip - they are greated with enthusiastic hugs and a jubilant "I missed you!" from Finn.  Often, out of the blue, he'll say to one of us "I like you, Ella" or "Mom, I need to hold you."  He is so affectionate and sensitive but then one second later he's talking silly about poop or pee - he loves the "potty talkin"- or wrestling with one of us or destroying something around the house. 

Today reminded me about one of my absolute favorite things about being a mom.  Seeing the love and concern my children have for each other.  I feel like they really have each other's backs and look out for each other.  Seeing the adoration they have for one another warms my heart in a way that not much else can compare to.  Those are the moments I treasure.  Life is about the relationships we have with others and I am grateful that my children, in some small way, are realizing that at a young age.