Chase is Here!

It's been nine - NINE - months since my last post. Wow - nearly a year! So much has happened. Most notably, the arrival of our new family member. I just realized I never even mentioned on my blog that we were expecting. I just can't get it together when I'm pregnant, so I'm not surprised that I did nothing with my blog - or even look at anyone else's - my entire pregnancy. I am sorry that I have neglected everyone's blogs. I look forward to catching up!

So, yes, we had an adorable little baby boy, Chase, on August 11th. I went into my labor on my own in the middle of the night and he was born at 8:44 in the morning after a really quick easy delivery. The best part is that I was able to avoid having a c-section which just happened to be for later that day. I'm still doing the happy dance about that!!! (Video of said happy dance to be posted at a later date...)

So, here's a few photos of our sweet little guy in the hospital. I love the little scowl on him in the picture above. He was born with that cute little scowl and it's his signature expression - that or raised eyebrows and wide eyed.

I look a little dazed and confused - could have been the "all-nighter" in labor

Ella & Finn meeting their little brother for the first time

First family photo with little Chase