Friday Favorites

Happy New Year! Well, there goes another month without a post. This is in part to a broken computer, the holidays, illness, company, etc. I know, I have every excuse in the book, don't I! Well, here are my favorites this week.

1. Beautiful January weather - Yesterday we had a high of 66 degrees here! I went for an afternoon run outside and ended up having to take my jacket off and run in just my tank top. It was so warm and beautiful. Love that about Colorado weather - you never know what you're going to get.

2. Apple Time Capsule - So, as I mentioned earlier, we had a bunch of computer problems in December. One day, out the blue, our computer just shut down and wouldn't boot up again. After 3 trips into the apple store and 10 days later, we finally got it fixed! It ended up that our hard drive just crashed and we lost EVERYTHING on our computer. Luckily, we had a backup, so we didn't end up losing any data. A few months ago we had a computer scare, thinking we had lost info, so we bought the Apple Time Capsule. It is a wireless external hard drive (that also doubles as a cable modem) that we have set to backup everyday. It has a huge hard drive, it's small, it's sleek and I love that it does double duty. Clearly, it is worth its weight in gold. I would highly, highly, recommend this to any Mac owners!!!

Short post today, I'm working on sorting through the gazillions of pictures I took over the holidays so I can get those posted soon!