Weekend at the Cabin..... sort of

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go with some of our friends up to their parents cabin in Granby, for the weekend. It is an amazing cabin set on a beautiful piece of property with an incredible view. We've gone the past few years and really look forward to going.

We went up Friday evening and had plans to put Ella in ski school on Saturday and then either Jeramy or I go with her and the other stay with Finn and do a little sledding at the cabin and maybe get some snowshoeing in, too and then come home Sunday morning.

Well, Friday night when we went to bed at 1:00, after some guitar-accompanied singing and all the husbands threatening to make a music video for YouTube, and some Phase 10 for the girls, Finn woke up and was up until almost 5:30am. He ended up coughing all night long, unable to fall asleep. As a result, Jeramy nor I got a wink of sleep until 5:30am. We probably could have managed okay, except for the night before I had my sister's kids and all the kids, except Finn, were up in the night several times. Ella and my niece, Avery, were awake most of the night, so Jeramy and I ended up with about 4 hours of interrupted sleep. So after a 4 hour night, staying up until 5:30am just did us in. We are getting too old to party like rockstars anymore! When 7:30am rolled around and both kids got up, neither of us could even entertain the idea of skiing/snowboarding all day, so we ditched skiing.

We tried to get Finn to take a morning nap with no success, so Saturday morning we just wimped out - packed up and came home. Ella had been so excited to ski and took the bad news really well - I was so proud of her. She put on her snow clothes and went out to play in the snow and do a little sledding while we packed up and had a fabulous time!

Despite the weekend not turning out how we would have liked, we still had a great time! Even the short amount of time we were there was fun and it's always so nice to get away - even for a night.


Carley said...

Sounds like it had lots of potential. I guess there's always next time.

Emily said...

That's too bad, but I'm glad Ella was such a trooper--that could have been a bad scene. Is Finn alright? Just a winter cold, hopefully. Thankfully, it sounds like you'll get to go again.

Tiffany Garfield said...

Dang it on two accounts: The first, I wish you could have stayed the whole weekend and the second, I wish you guys would have let the husbands make the you tube video because I would have LOVED to see that!