Filthy 50

I am wiped! This morning I went to work out with Cliff, my trainer, and it was brutal. He is always really tough - but today he really outdid himself. Luckily, my friends Marilee and Mindy came with me this morning - misery loves company!

Cliff has this newer workout circuit that he calls the Filthy 50 that is so tough! There are ten exercises that you do fifty reps of. He times you and you cannot move onto a new exercise until you have completed all fifty reps. This was my first time doing the circuit. We did a practice one a few weeks back where we did only about 30 reps on half the exercises. The exercises are:

1) Burpees (a squat thrust with a push up and a jump at the end). These are probably the worst. I'm not sure why they're called "burpees." Barfees or pukees would be much more fitting!
2) Back Extensions
3) Box Jumps (he has these boxes that are about 12-15 high that you jump up and step off)
4) Squat Thrusts with shoulder press using 5-10 lb dumbells
5) Jumping pull-ups
6) Hanging leg lifts
7) Medicine Ball toss (you throw a medicine ball against the wall then squat when you catch)
8) Kettle bell swings
9) Lunges
10) Jump rope (200)

This morning he didn't have us do the jump ropes (too many bathroom breaks for us moms!) and I am still working my way up on the leg lifts. I did 25 hanging, then 25 on the Roman Chair. He timed us and I did it in just over 24 minutes - which is about 8 minutes faster than my time when I did the modified test run. I still would love to shave some more time off and need to get to 50 hanging leg lifts and add the jump ropes but was pretty happy with my improvement.

After we caught our breath we did some abs and finished off with treadmill sprints - 10.0 incline 7.0 speed. It was a fantastic workout! Anyone looking for a new, tough workout - this is it!


Tiffany said...

I totally know what you mean about the burpees...I did a total of 80 yesterday...not in a row but through out the total workout. My inner thighs are killing me today!Anyway, sounds like an awesome workout. Now you just need to post a picture of you doing each one so I can try them all! (: p.s.-what's the roman chair?

Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

And you're still alive? Dang, you've got to be so in shape :)

Anonymous said...
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Laura Lee said...

lol!! I can't jump rope for the life of me. I try - but soon have to quit. Great workout!! I need to get going again.

Carley said...

You're the WOMAN! I would die if I tried that, but I probably should.

mom said...

We are used to doing 500 skipping ropes and three solid hours of extremely difficult exercises. Keep working and maybe someday you'll be in our league. Ha ha.

Love, Dad and Mom