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A few days ago I was "tagged" by an old college roomie, Bonnie. Thanks Bonnie - what a fun topic to be tagged! I looooove music which actually made this assignment a little difficult - only five???Anyway, the rules are simple - pick five songs from your music collection and explain why you love them.

Well, since the only source of music I actually listen to is on iTunes/iPod, I went straight to the source and started browsing through my library for five songs that I love and that I feel best represent me. I could have listed 500, easily. Music has always been a love of mine - ever since I was in sixth grade and got a walkman and a "Footloose" tape which I'm sure I about burned through listening to over and over and over (I could probably still sing you all the words to "Let's Hear It For the Boy!") Let me allay your fears - even though that was a milestone in my history of music - no Footloose on my list. OK, so here they are:

1) Soul Meets Body - Death Cab for Cutie - One of my favorite ways to waste time is to browse through iTunes, find songs I like and then follow the recommendations of other people's recommendations. That is how I found Death Cab for Cutie a few years back. I sampled them and immediately downloaded the whole album and after 2 1/2 years still love it. Usually I get so sick of songs but I could listen to "Soul Meets Body" every day for the rest of my life and not tire of it. The other reason I chose this song is because it represents one of my favorite styles of music - indie rock! I love it!

2) Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake - This probably seems like a really weird pick. But I chose this song for a few reasons. First of all this has an incredible beat to it and is a fantastic song to work out to. I love finding songs that make me want to keep moving. The other reason I chose this is because it reminds me of training for my triathlon last year. This was a great song to keep me going and I especially remember one run in particular that I was struggling with a hill and this song got me to the top.

3) Ordinary Miracle - Sarah McLachlan - Like the previous two, I chose this song for a few reasons. Number one, I love Sarah McLachlan! I have loved her since her song "Vox" came out in 1988. And very important - she is Canadian, which reminds me of my roots. Also, I just absolutely love this song. The lyrics are so simple but have such a profound meaning behind them. It is such a great reminder to stop and notice and appreciate all the beauty and wonderful things around us. So many lyrics these days are really pointless and a far cry from poetic or deep, so I really love that this song has a great message to it.

4) Home - Michael Buble - Another Canadian on the list! I love Michael Buble's voice. Also, I love the genre of a lot of his songs - some of the old standards (think "The Way You Look Tonight") I love those old songs and I think Michael Buble has the perfect voice for that genre. The reason I chose this particular song is because it reminds me that although Jeramy is often far away in his travels in fabulous cities doing exciting things, more than anything he wants to be here with us. "'Mid palaces and pleasures although we may roam, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!" So true!

5) I'll Melt With You - Modern English - My list could absolutely not be complete with at least one song from the 80s! Possibly my all-time favorite genre of music. It's because that is when I fell in love with music. When I hear my favorite 80s songs, they almost always have at least one memory attached - a dance, a party, a car ride. As soon as the song starts a million wonderful (mostly - a few heart breaks are in the mix) memories come flooding back. It was such an exciting time in life! I picked "I'll Melt With You" to represent my love of 80s songs - especially all the alternative 80s stuff - Oingo Boingo, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, etc......

Well, thanks for the tag Bonnie! It was a fun assignment and I would love to hear from a few of my blogging pals. Since that was such a fun trip down memory lane and I'm feeling a little nostalgic - I'm choosing all Canadians to respond!

Maurita and Tiffany - wonderful high school pals
Marilee - fellow Canadian Coloradan
My cousin Laura Lee
My sister Kim

Looking forward to your responses!


Courtney said...

I'm horrible about following through on tags so don't be waiting for me. But, I have really enjoyed reading yours. I actually frequently think of you or Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I hear a Sarah McLachlan song!

Maurita said...

OK, I'm a little behind with the tag..... will follow up soooon. BTW--everytime I hear 80s music I think of you too>> must be that fancy red walkman you got for your birthday?? man I was always so jealous of you!!