My definition of sincerity is listening to my little Finn pray.  I can't say that it is always a reverent experience, but he absolutely speaks from his heart.  Always.

Tonight's prayer:
  • please bless Ella to not be sick anymore (she's home from school today)
  • help me to be able to go swimming
  • please help Ella to like roller-coasters (two days ago during a conversation she was saying she was scared of them
  • please bless that I can go on a roller-coaster today
  • please help me to learn my letters at Miss Kelly's (his preschool)
  • please let me go to SkyView when I'm big (Ella's school)
  • Someday, please let me that I can be 4!  (Only a month to go, Finn!)
Other recent prayers:
  • Please bless that the bad guys won't poke out President Monson's eyeballs (...?..?  no idea!)
  • Please help me to not break mom's lamp (Amen!  While you're at it, can we add a few more things to that list?)
  • After finishing his prayers the other night, he stopped and said - "Wait, I forgot to say one thing.  I need to say one more prayer."  So he said them all over again and added "Please help grow, grow, grow big...(pause) - 3 inches - so I can go on the waterslide." (We recently told him he needed to be 3 inches taller to go on the outdoor waterslide at the gym.  It has been working like a charm in compelling him to eat all his veggies!)


cheryl said...

Oh I love it! Samara is all about people's eye balls getting poked out too. Must be an age thing. Ben will write you soon but he will be in Denver 17th and wants to come see you. He has a conference in Keystone the week before. I wish I could see you all too.

Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

I had to literally laugh out loud that he doesn't want some bad guy to poke out Pres. Monson's eyeballs! That's awesome. Much better than Jacob's prayers, that kid is stubborn. He always tells me he can't and needs help (which he doesn't, he's just difficult). Anyway, loved that random post!