Christmas and the Toothbrushes

Christmas 2010 will go down in our history as the Christmas of the toothbrushes!  I think the favorite gift, for all 3 kids, were the toothbrushes they got in their stockings.  Chase is obsessed with toothbrushes and always has at least one in hand, so he was thrilled to get a 4-pack in his stocking.  Finn and Ella always beg for the spin toothbrushes at Target so were crazy excited when they both got one in their stocking. 

Other Christmas morning highlights:
What could it be?

A new camera! 

Maybe slightly more excited about the camera than the toothbrush.

Lego for Finn
1600 pieces!  Ay-yi-yi - what was Santa thinking?
Toothbrush is still the favorite!

Loving on his new "warm buddy" from Grandma.  The kids all got these - they are stuffed animals with a removable wheat bag you can heat up and also put essential oils on to add a little aromatherapy.  Definitely a hit with the kids!       

Just give the poor baby his toothbrush!                      


tiffany garfield photography said...

her excitement over the camera is priceless! i can't believe chases' curls! loved your christmas card...i promise to do one next year. :) glad you guys had a great Christmas!

Nathan & Michelle Watabe said...

You seriously need to send those pictures of Ella into some kind of contest. They are the epitome of a kid on Christmas morning. That's the reaction every parent is looking for.

Marilee said...

Oh HAPPY DAY!!! You are BACK!!!! I can't believe how grown up your kids look! And I can't believe how much it makes me miss you to see them! Been super homesick for CO the past few days! Lets talk soon! Love You!