Happy Birthday Ella!

This week was Ella's birthday - 8 years old!!!  I can't believe how grown up she is.  Here's a look back at my little baby girl's past 8 years - starting with her first day of life and each birthday thereafter.  Where has the time gone?

This year's birthday started at 6:00 am and included ice cream cake (oops, no candles except a "1" from Chase's birthday!) and pumpkin muffins for breakfast, new Ugg boots, lunch at school with Mom, Dad & Chase, Mom spending extra time at school volunteering in Ella's class, swimming lessons and a date with mom and dad.  We went to the mall and ate at the food court then spent two hours at the mall while Ella shopped and picked out some birthday presents with her birthday money.  She ended up with some jewelry from Claire's, a charm bracelet from Nordstrom and a jewelry box from Pottery Barn kids.  A super fun (and exhausting!) day!!  

Ella at 8 years old:
  • An amazing big sister to her brothers.  They both absolutely adore her!!!
  • Loves school, church - anywhere that there are people!
  • A little bookworm - just like her mom and dad.
  • A great little gymnast and swimmer. 
  • So creative - artwork, stories, songs, loves to decorate, embellish, bedazzle anything and everything - such as necklaces hanging from the chandelier and lamps in her room!
  • Still can't keep her room clean....but I think she is making progress :)
  • A very cheerful family member.
  • Has a sweet testimony that she loves to share 
  • A great missionary - recently announced to her school class that Mormons are Christian
  • A wonderful daughter whom I love so, so much!

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Nathan & Michelle Watabe said...

What a sweet post. Made me tear up. She's a talented, beautiful girl.