Project 52: Week 3 {Shades of Grey}

This week's assignment was shades of grey.  I did not use any creativity, whatsover!  I needed to get a picture of Ella for her baptism announcements, so I pretty much just used one of the pictures I got and converted it to BW.  I had some other ideas using some paint chips, using grey clothing against an overcast day, but just ran out of time.

The photographs I ended up with are less than ideal - 10 minutes before church in FREEZING, windy weather.  Also the location had bad lighting, but we just did the best we could under the circumstances.  That's what I get for procrastinating!! :)  Lighting, exposure and composition aside, I am happy to have a picture of my sweet Ella!


Courtney said...

I never like my black and white conversions. I think part of it is my initial pic isn't that great! Anyway, what method do you use for your bw photos?

cheryl said...

THis is lovely. It's so crisp and her eyes are so sharp. She is beautiful just like her mom! Happy happy Birthday sweet Ella!