Playing in Photoshop

I must have been really good in 2009 because I got kind of spoiled for Christmas. I got Photoshop CS4!!! (Actually, I was pretty awful in 2009 - Santa must have got me mixed up with someone else). I am so excited and I have absolutely NO idea how to use it. I used to have PSE and knew how to do enough but I had a really, really old version that kept crashing and that version prohibited me from doing several things that I wanted to. So, thank you Santa and regrets to whoever got my lump of coal.

Tonight I spent a little time playing around trying out a few different actions and textures. I used a picture of Ella from 1st grade picture day and tried an urban action with a ginger overlay and an antique texture. I think next time I will tone down the yellow - she looks a little jaundiced to me - but I guess that antiquated look is supposed to be quite yellow. Kind of fun!


Brecken said...

I didn't even recognize the blog on my updated blog list because it's been so long since you've blogged. Welcome back! I hope you're here to stay. I love what you have to say. Love the pictures of Ella! I think that finish is fabulous.

E T Mack said...

This looks sooo fun! I love the Christmas presents that keep on giving.