Haircut for Astro Boy

Today I gave little Chaser a haircut. I put him in his Bumbo seat on the table and tied a towel around him for a cape. First of all, he is CRAZY in his Bumbo. I can't even really put him in it anymore because he arches his back and twists himself sideways until he can get one of his legs out of the Bumbo which he then uses to launch himself out of his seat and then he belly-flops onto the floor. It was quite the challenge to keep him in his seat and try to keep his head still and not cut him. I don't know how I thought I'd get any pictures! Needless to say I only managed to get one picture - him trying to eat the table centerpiece!

Ella thought he looked like Astro boy with his "cape" and his hair combed up in a swirl.


gollyjess said...

abrams does this too. He loves to get a good yoga/pilates work out in the bumbo seat. We have a tray that snaps onto it and it makes it a little less difficult for him to 'dance' his way out of. Also, that is what we use for his highchair. I want to see pics of the hair.

I like your post about 'create'. I agree with you there. After hearing elder U's talk last year, I couldn't get that out of my head. Now I know why, on most days, I feel so overwhelmed--because sometimes that innate sense of creating something seems so elusive. I guess I need to refocus my thoughts on what I am 'creating', instead of a beautifully knit scarf or cleverly written story, I am creating beautiful and clever children...at least I hope so because right now ABrams is screaming bloody murder in his crib (he doesn't nap very well) and Alma little is still trying every chance to rip his bro's arms off. Very nice. Yep, creativity is my middle name!

E T Mack said...

Who is Astro boy? Am I missing some special super hero that would be a total inspiration to my boys? Please enlighten me!

I hate it when kids don't like the props we have for them. I guess they can't help it-- we don't like certain chairs, swings, tables, couches, etc. Why should we expect them to be so easy going? Oh, because they are babies! Oh well!