Two Wheels

This summer, after weeks of trying to fit it in between our trips, Ella learned how to ride a two-wheeler. She was so proud to take those training wheels off. She still needs a lot of practice, especially with stopping, but did so well!

One of the factors that really motivated Ella to take the wheels off came from my triathlon. Ella became very interested in triathlons and when she found out there are triathlons for kids, she decided she really wanted to do one. So, she decided she had better learn to ride a bike if she's going to do a triathlon. Here in Highlands Ranch they had a kids triathlon in August for kids ages 5-9. For the 5-6 year olds they swim 25 yds (one pool length), bike 1/2 mile and run 1/4 mile. So the first part of her"training" was to get her riding a two-wheeler.

Ready to get the training wheels off. And yes, she picked a
dress to wear for the event. Super practical!

The training wheels are off!

Oh, oh.....

Down she goes!

Down again. Finn to the rescue!

Getting the hang of it!

She has really been enjoying her bike a lot! I am so grateful for all the trails we have just right here. It makes me so nervous when she wants to ride her bike up and down the street with the other neighborhood kids. So the other day I took Ella and her friend (with Finn in the Burley) over to the park -- to get them off the road and away from all the cars -- and then we rode about 3-4 miles all around the trails - even a few good sized hills! They both had so much fun and were so proud of themselves.


Brecken said...

so cute! Great idea to have her learn on a grass field. Good thinking...we had Soren on the cement!

Emily said...

Wooohooo....way to go Ella! That was a smart idea....now I feel bad for Emerson and the scrapes and bumps she got.

Gomez said...

Hey Tam! The last comment was me. I realized after I wrote it I was some how signed in as Emily! Sometimes it does that after my babysitter has been here.

Julie Konchar said...

I learned how to ride a bike on grass too--we all did in Cali on the much-firmer, shorter Bermuda grass. When I tried teaching Sid here a few years ago, we couldn't find grass short enough. And about that dress, at least it is green and won't showcase grass stains!

Tiffany said...

My mom always tried to tell me you can do anything in a dress....I should have listened. I never liked the idea myself, but Ella is so stinkin' cute that it works! My Payton is a lot that way herself. She loves to twirl in her dresses.

Emily said...

Way to go Ella. We still haven't done that for Miles yet, but I think we'll definitely use your idea of the grass--great idea!
Love the dress!