This year Ella finally started Kindergarten! I think the "finally" is from both of our perspectives :) Even though we have both been looking forward to kindergarten, school crept up on us so quickly this year! It seemed as though the summer had just started and suddenly she was off to school. The way it worked this year, it seemed as though we had 3 "first days" of school.

First Day #1 - Picture Day. This year they had registration and picture day at the end of July. In a way it seemed, to me, like the first day because when I grew up you always had pictures the first day of school. I remember it being a big deal, figuring out what to wear the first day of school, how to do your hair, etc. So, from that aspect it seemed like the first day.
We stopped for a few pictures outside the school before going in for
the "real" ones. The real picture is pretty funny! Every single one was
super posed cheese-ball smile. I figured there was no point in retakes
because they would end up looking the same.

First Day #2 - Meet the Teacher. On the first day that all the other classes started, they had the kindies come for 1 hour in small groups. We went to the school with 4-5 other kids and met Mrs. Washington. We looked around the classroom, unpacked supplies and the kids did a small little craft. Her teacher is fabulous!
Just before heading off to the school to meet her teacher.
She LOVES her backpack (and polka-dots!)

First Day #3 - The Real Thing! So, two days after meeting the teacher it was the real deal - the bus and all! She is in afternoon kindergarten, so I drove her to school and waited while the kids lined up and then went inside. The parents - all equipped with cameras - stayed for about 5-10 minutes while the kids got settled. After the parents were dismissed, I went down to the office because I was having a little anxiety about her getting on the right bus. The morning school started I changed her bus route so she would be on the same bus with another little girl she knew from preschool. I was kind of panicked that they wouldn't get her on the right bus, but they changed all her info and assured me my daughter would return home to me. So, at 4:12, Jeramy, Finn and I were all there waiting for Ella to get off the bus. It was priceless! She could not have looked happier. All she said for about 3 days was "I can't believe I get to ride the bus." Bus aside, she is loving kindergarten, has a wonderful teacher and has already learned a lot. It's going to be a great year!

I know, another collage. I just had so many pictures I liked, I
couldn't choose. I loved the way all the bus pictures looked in sequence.
I'm so happy I was there to get pictures of her getting off the bus.
How happy does she look?


Courtney said...

Tami, She looks so cute. I love that middle pic of her in the blue polka outfit. I should have known she would be the best dressed girl in kindergarten after those spreadsheets you used to keep of all the baby clothes you bought.

FYI, I just got an email that sale items are an extra 25% in store at J Crew. After viewing these pics, I have a "feeling" you might be interested.

Tiffany said...

Don't you just love "first days"? She is definately dressed to kill! What a cutie!

Tiffany Garfield said...

Ella looks so happy coming off the bus! Oh, the days those were the days, when there was no stress involved with going to school and it was just pure fun! That was the best! She looks so much like you! She's SO pretty!

John & Shauna said...

She looks like a little model. I'm so happy for the both of you school is in session. I think you should offer to take the school pictures.

Cheryl said...

How cute is she!! I can't believe she is in Kindergarten. I love all the pictures. Please let her know we miss her and know she'll do great in school.

jensenfamily said...

ok, so could she be any more beautiful? And I know it's not just the nice camera...she's so cute erin

jensenfamily said...

and Tamara - that first commenter called you Tami, she doesn't look like Jeramy - what's up with the discrimination, we can't call you Tami:)