This summer, Jeramy and I were super spoiled - again- and were able to head off to Maui all by ourselves. We cashed in airmiles, Marriott points and AmEx points and spent an essentially free week in Hawaii (ok, well we ate nonstop, so that was a cost a bit of money). My amazing, very generous parents came to Colorado and watched not only our kids, but my sister's 3 kids all together. Thanks mom & dad - sorry your week was a bit less serene than ours.

Since we went to Hawaii 2 days after getting home from Aspen Grove, we didn't feel the need for tons of adventure. We go to Hawaii for the beach! So, the beach is what we did - every single day!

It was such a great week and sadly, I didn't get too many pictures. I didn't want to take my camera with us to the beach because I wanted us to be able to both go in the water together and not worry about our stuff.

We bypassed the Road to Hana this year (I was pretty adamant about that one!), I still didn't do a surfing lesson (a little scared to do it by myself) and we absolutely ate at Mama's Fish House (the picture above is on the beach in front of Mama's. I typically didn't wear jeans and heels to the beach :)) We read a lot, got massages at the spa, I snuck in a pedicure - we were basically just really lazy the whole week.

It was a super low key, relaxing week and we had tons of fun just spending time alone together!

Wow, Hawaii is magic! Is that hint of a smile on Jeramy?

Not possible - another near smiling picture???

I thought everyone would enjoy my new hair accessory I picked up while in Hawaii. I'm really into fans! I think Mama's Fish House need to give their wait staff some photo composition tips :)

In one of the squares we walked through in Lahaina, there were dozens and dozens of these white blossoms all over the ground. I scooped some up and posed for a picture to show Ella - my little lallygagger, can't walk 3 feet without stopping to pick some flower, weed or blade of grass. Plus, it's about the only picture of me on our entire trip.

A beautiful view in Lahaina

Jeramy's best Forrest Gump impression. Not bad.

The view from our hotel our last night in Maui!


Julie Konchar said...

Pie and I are so jealous. The next time we go to Hawaii, which I hope we get a next time, we won't have any miles or points to help us out.

Tiffany said...

Of course Jeramy has a smile...you're such a hottie! I'm sure there was lots of magic in Hawaii! (: Sounds like you had fun. Luv ya!

Emily said...

Glad you were able to recover from the late nights at Aspen Grove with a week in Hawaii. What a way to decompress. Very relaxing and soothing!

Laura Lee said...

What an awsome vacation!! I love that you guys use marriott points and air miles - that is exactly how we vacation!! It does also mean that our husbands are out of town way to much!!!

Brecken said...

Finally pics from Hawaii!!! You look great.....Jeramy is a lucky guy!! Love Ella's kindergarten pics. Beautiful and well dressed, doesn't get much better than that.