Earlier this year I had planned to do a Triathlon over the summer. As the summer drew nearer it didn't look as though any of the Triathlons I had in mind were going to work out due to me being out of town or Jeramy being out of town. However, in July I realized that one of the triathlons I had wanted to do was on a different date than I originally was told. So, even though I really hadn't trained, three days before the race I decided to go for it and registered.

It ended up going great! I was pretty happy with my times and I honestly really enjoyed myself! I'm thinking next summer I might try and step it up and do an Olympic size Triathlon - which is about 2X longer than the one I did. I did a Sprint and the distances are about a 750m swim (1/2 mile), 20k bike (12.4 miles) and 5k run (3.1 miles). ( The one I did was a bit shorter on the swim.) An Olympic size is 1 mile swim, 40k bike, 10k run. It would definitely require some training!

The best part of the day was having my own little cheering section of 3. Last year none of them were there, so I was so happy that they made it. Poor Jeramy wasn't too familiar with my camera so wasn't able to get the shot of me crossing the finish line, but he was able to get a few pictures to help me remember the day.

Right after I finished the race. Hanging with my cheering section!
Leaving the transition area

I had to show off my favorite part -
my age sharpied on my calf! I know it's
hard to see but in case you are wondering,
it says 25!


Tiffany Garfield said...

Yeah! You're back to blogging!! Seriously, YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! Congrats on the triathlon, you're awesome! Seeing your pics makes me want to do one next year. I won't be pregnant anymore and that is the perfect thing to help me get back in shape. We should get everyone to do it together! Anyway, you look great--the kids are so grown up and I"m glad you're back to blogging so I can see what's going on with you guys. Love, Twink

Gomez said...

You are so amazing Tam! What a great job, and you are always super woman!

Tiffany said...

That's awesome! BTW you look great too! I am actually going to try to do one of those this fall...I hope I don't drown. I'm not much of a swimmer! Looks fun though!

John & Shauna said...

That's awesome you just signed up last minute to do the triathlon. you look great, and do not look a day over 25.