Busy Bloggers!

I'm still working on getting my blog caught-up but have been having too much fun catching up on everyone's posts. Originally I thought I had about 80 posts to catch up on, per my RSS reader. It was wrong - it must only be able to keep track of so many new posts then start dropping them off as ones I have read. My amazing friend Courtney, who has five young children including a set of triplets and did a cross-country move this summer, had about 40 posts alone. You amaze me, Courtney!

So thanks to everyone for having such a great, fun, summer and posting so many cute pictures and entries on your blogs. I'm having a great time living your fun moments with you and will get mine caught up soon enough!


Brecken said...

I'm glad you've rejoined the blogging world. I've missed you!

Gomez said...

Hey Tam....it's about time! Just Kidding, I have really sucked at blogging this summer too! I have finally updated my blog now....so take a peek.