Zoo Lights

One of our favorite things to do around the holidays is hit the zoo lights. Each year the Denver zoo puts over 38 acres of lights throughout the zoo. They have all kinds of fun animated animal sculptures that swing through trees, jump across lawns and hide in bushes. It's a ton of fun for the kids.

This year we didn't manage to go until nearly the last day. Jeramy had taken 2 weeks off work but with company and illness (a lot of it!) we didn't get to do a lot of the things we'd planned.

The great thing about going when we did was that the weather was pretty warm. The bad - it was ridiculously crowded. And of course, everyone - like us - has a stroller or wagon which makes it so difficult to maneuver. Despite that, it was still a lot of fun and the kids - especially Finn - had a great time riding the carousel.

I pulled out my camera to bring but realized the battery was nearly dead. So, I brought the car charger but like a big dummy, completely forgot to charge it. I was so mad! I felt like we hadn't been able to do nearly as many fun things as we had wanted because everyone was sick and finally, we were all healthy and out doing something fun as a family and I wanted pictures! As we walked into the zoo someone took our picture and gave us a ticket. As we left the zoo I was still so mad about not having my camera that I fell for the swindling scam, and paid $15 for a bad picture with a superbly tacky border. I love it!

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