At the Gate of a New Era

This morning I registered Ella for kindergarten. Through the many, many tantrums and emotional battle of wits that we have had over the years, I have to say there have been many days when I have dreamed about her being in school. Now that those days are right around the corner, I have to say I'm a little bit sad. I'm just starting to realize how quickly they grow up. And although there are a ton of things that I am looking forward to about having older kids - they are just so precious when they are little. I guess it's good to have moments like this to help me appreciate and endure the roller-coaster ride that we are so often are on.


Emily said...

I know exactly what you mean. I'm registering Miles today and have felt everything that you have. It will be so strange to have him gone all day.

Bonnie B. said...

Man, they grow up so fast, huh? How are you, Tami? Do you remember your long lost roomie from Ricks? Bonnie? I can't believe I found both you and Mo. So fun! Hope all is well. Your family is adorable!