Five Years Old!

Today was Ella's birthday - five years old! She was so excited all day long. Everywhere we went she would say to me - VERY loudly - "Mom, I can't believe it's my birthday today" or "I can't believe I'm five years old today!" and then try and make eye contact with anyone around and smile and wait for a reaction. She could barely contain herself - she wanted everyone on the planet to acknowledge that it was her birthday and to make a big deal about it.

This afternoon we had her birthday party. She had decided to have a "cheerleading" party. So this afternoon we were invaded by several 4 and 5 year-old cheerleaders. It was so cute! (My nieces and nephew came too, but I didn't get a good picture with them in it.) The girls all came ready to cheer in their cheerleading uniforms. We spent a while decorating megaphones and the girls all got their hair done all cute and fancy with bows and curls - thanks to my friend Neeley. They spent time watching and cheering and dancing to the Bella Dancerella CheerleaderDVD then we made up and did a few cheers. Finally it was the moment everyone was waiting for - the cake. Ella picked an ice cream cake from DQ and because my birthday was 2 days ago and my cake said "Happy Birthday T" she insisted on "Happy Birthday E." So cute!

In the spirit of the party and to pay homage to my former life as a cheerleader, we borrowed our friends SNL Spartan Cheerleader costumes. We were not about to be outdone by a bunch of little girls! We had a great time dancing and jumping around acting like goofs. And of course we looked amazingly fabulous in paper-thin polyester outfits. You can't really see Jeramy's pants, but they were hot! They look like he stole Santa's pajamas! In another few years, Ella will be mortified by what took place. Sorry honey - kids aren't the only ones who get to have fun at parties! I hope you'll forgive us when you realize you should be embarrassed by your parents.

Gooooooo Spartans!

Happy Birthday Ella. I love you so much and hope today was everything you imagined it would be. I hope this is your best year yet!


Brecken said...

you are a great mom. love the outfit..super fun!

Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

Happy birthday Ella! That's so cute that she wants to be just like you. Brave of you and Jeramy to dress the part too! Love it :)

Brad and Colleen said...

Happy Birthday Ella. A whole five years. You guys are some of the best looking cheerleaders I have ever seen. GOOOOOOO SPARTANS.

Carley said...

Love the outfits for you and your hubby! Happy birthday Ella. Glad to see your blogging again, I love to see where everyone is in their life.