So You Think You Can Dance Shocker

So last night as I was feeding Chase, I pulled up my DVR to watch So You Think You Can Dance. They are still in the auditioning part of the show and last night's episode they were in Salt Lake. Yeah! I love seeing footage of the mountains and the city there.

Shortly into the show this red-headed "burlesque" dancer shows up to audition. Oh yah, I remember the preview about her from last week's episode - she's basically going to strip for the judges, including a little chair dance. Seems pretty desperate to me.

Before her audition there's a short little highlight of her. She's saying she dances in a local burlesque show in Salt Lake City and is trying to bring a little Vegas to SLC and that she might show the judges " a little somethin-somethin' they haven't seen before." As she's talking I'm thinking there's something about her but I don't know what... then her audition starts and I see her name.

Oooooohhhhh my! She used to be one of my beehives in Young Women (our church youth program) about 8 years ago. Huh, I've thought about her from time to time over the past few years. I'll occasionally drive by her old house and wonder what ever happened to her since her family moved 7 or so years ago. Burlesque never crossed my mind. I do remember her mom driving her all the way to some performing arts school in downtown Denver. Guess it paid off for her :) although it's probably not how her parents envisioned her to develop her talents.

I won't spoil the outcome of her audition for all you bloggers that haven't watched it yet. You'll have to check it out for yourself - although you may just want to skip it, especially if your kids or hubby are around. I will say that Nigel enjoyed the audition which did not come as a surprise to Mary Murphy or Mia Michaels or me.


Courtney said...

Wow! She looked a little thrashed at the audition.

Jenni C. said...

She was SO gross. I can't believe you knew her. How sad. Did you notice at the end of the audition her make up at melted off on her forehead so it was white and the rest of her face was orange. SO SAD!!

tiffany garfield said...

WHAT?!!! I would have been there then? Who is it? You have to email me? That is crazy! Hope you guys are doing well! Twink :)

Brecken said...

NO way!!! I can't believe it! I watched the trailer for that part....incredibly funny and disturbing.

E T Mack said...

You know that girl!!! Oh my goodness, I could not watch her. After I went back to the show I could not get over her "painted on" eyebrows. I guess you never know what someone is gonna be when they grow up! Bummer for her!