A Pint-Sized Perspective

I wish I was better at recording some of the cute, crazy things that come out of my kids mouths. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

#1: Ella, a month before we had Chase

Ella: "Mom, I know how you can get your tummy flat again in 2 weeks after you have the baby!"

Me: Silent...wondering where this is coming from since I never talk about weight or size around her, even while pregnant. Curious. "Oh, really?"

Ella: "Yah! I saw this thing on TV and you sit on it and move your bottom side-to-side and in 2 weeks you can have a flat stomach."

I came to find out later she was talking about the "Ab Circle Pro" off an infomercial. I'm tempted to check it out.

#2 - Ella, driving in the car this summer

Ella: "Mom, do we have any jeans that we can sell?"

Me: "Uhhh...why?"

Ella: "Because we could take them to Plato's Closet."

Me: What???? "Plato's Closet, why?"

Ella: "Because I really want to go there."

Me: What???? "Why?"

Ella: "Because they "have the hottest styles of jeans!"" (verbatim from the radio ad)

#3 - Finn, right after we had Chase

One morning as I was nursing Chase, Finn came over very curious to what I was doing. I told him I was feeding Chase milk.

Finn: "Oh, Chase is drinking milk from mommy's belly button"


Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

Aren't kids comments the best! Jacob, my 3 year old (well on the 28th...) still thinks I feed Levi from my armpit!

Brad and Colleen said...

That is so cute, my boys did the same, they thought I was feeding Claire from my belly button.