Quote of the Day

Tonight as I was getting Finn ready for bed he was asking me what my eyes were for.  I asked him to tell me what eyes are for and he said "to look".  We started going through different body parts, ears, mouth, etc. and when we got to nose I asked him what his nose was for.  His answer "to pick boogers."  I love little boys!!!

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www.tiffanygarfield.com said...

Duh! Of course that's what it's for! SO cute! Have I mentioned that I love your header? :) Hope you guys are doing well! I'll have to stop by and say hi to you girls while you're here in June. You'll get to see my large prego belly! Oh and don't worry, I won't be bringing Kirra, I know it's a girls trip and there should NEVER be a kid in sight on a girls trip! haha See you soon! -twink :)