The last few weeks, I've been working on a few little projects and have come across or revisited a few handy little items that I wanted to spread the good word about.  I realize this probably is going to sound like an infomercial, but here are 3 products that have recently made my life easier:

Home Decorating Tips1.  Monkey Hooks - This is the most simple, least damaging way to hang something!  I am all about this after recently patching a wall where I had 12 large holes to patch.  I saw these at Ace and needed to buy some hooks to hang a new mirror.  I asked one of the guys at Ace about them and he said they were great.  So easy!  You don't have to pre-drill, no anchors, you don't even need a hammer.   You twist the pointy end into the wall, rotate and voila!  I was just using it to support a mirror I have leaning above my fireplace, so I do wonder if they are more difficult to use when you need more precision.   But my experience with these is great!

 2.  Rubbermaid Paint Buddy Touch-up Tool - I bought this a few years ago and keep it filled with the paint color that runs throughout the majority of my house.  This is so easy and handy for quick touch-ups.  I used to keep a tupperware container filled with paint, but then there was still a brush to clean and put away.  This just rolls on your paint, then you pop out the little foam roller, clean it off and put it all away.   Love it!

Magic American GGHS12 Goo Gone Spray Gel3.  Goo Gone Spray Gel - I must have had a premonition when I bought this !  The afternoon after I bought this, I was doing some spray painting in the garage and I turn around to see Finn had found a little pot of red paint and painted my deep-freeze with it.  I didn't panic because of course Mr. Clean magic eraser was going to take care of it, right?  Wrong!  I panicked for a moment, looking at my red-streaked appliance, until I remembered that I had bought the Goo Gone.   I decided to try it - testing a little, inconspicuous part first -  and it worked amazing!  No more red paint and my deep freeze has never looked better.  It got out all the dirt that finds it way deep down into the crevices of the textured surface.   This is great to remove all kinds of sticky stuff, like those super annoying price tags that just won't come off.  It also works great on getting rid of grease, crayon, paint, etc.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby and it is kind of expensive ($8.99 at HL) but it works so well, I think it is worth every penny!!!


E T Mack said...

Tam-- great favorites. I gotta get me one of those paint rollers. After I read your post I looked around and noticed all my touch-ups that are needed.

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...


Found you on the Tangled & True site welcoming her to Denver!

Glad to see another Denver blogger!

Would love to meet up.. are you part of Mile High Mama's? You coming to the month Mommy meetups?

Two months ago was Sephora (SOOO nice, we got makeovers, facials, etc.), April is at a Panera Bread (or something like that) and May is Childrens Museum.

Come join.. it's so nice to have a day out with other Mommys!

BTW, I won't work for them.. just a Mommy blogger that is trying to get more Denver Moms out there!

Talk with you soon,
Suzanne (Crunchy Green Mom)