My Mom Laughs A Lot

Today at church we had our Primary program. Ella was one of the kids to give a talk. She was the youngest and the only one unable to read, so I thought I would have her try and memorize it. She memorized the whole thing and did amazing! 276 words, 7 small paragraphs! I was so proud of her - she worked so incredibly hard on it.

So when we got home from church I thought I would have her make an iMovie (one of her favorite things to do) of her giving her talk, so we would have it recorded. Of course she spent forever goofing around, hamming it up, introducing herself and in the process she introduced me and said "i laugh a lot!" I LOVED that! That is probably the nicest compliment she could ever pay me. Definitely in my top 5 compliments ever received. I took the exerpt of the clip because it makes me smile (and her "movie" ended up being 10, very dramatic, minutes long)


Brecken said...

Super cute. That is a great compliment...and very true. I love your new blog header pictures. They turned out great.

Brad and Colleen said...

That is so cute, I don't think my boys would say that about me, however that is somethingto work towards. I like your new layout, its very cute and I love your new pictures.

Sverre said...

so cute - I can't believe she memorized the whole thing, that is really very impressive - see you tomorrow! erin