Laser Treatment

As some of you know, Finn was born with a birthmark on his chin. Our pediatrician had told us that over time it would go away on its own. Then a few months after he was born a small spot that looked like a cluster of broken blood vessels developed on his cheek. Our pediatrician was concerned about the spot on his cheek and referred us to a pediatric dermatologist who specializes in birth marks, etc. So in July we took Finn to the specialist who told us that the spot on his cheek would, in fact, go away on its own. The birthmark on his chin though, actually a port wine stain, would not and would actually keep getting darker and darker and recommended that we consider laser treatment. He said that Finn would need at least twelve treatments, two months apart and that starting before he reached his first birthday would produce the best results.

So now finally, three months later after dealing with the frustration of our insurance company and the fact that the doctor moved to a new location, we were finally able to have his first treatment done.

The doctor moved to the brand new children's hospital which has only been open a matter of days. What a gorgeous facility! As soon as we arrived we had to put some numbing cream on Finn's cheek and chin. The doctor recommended that after putting the cream on that we then put Glad Press'N Seal overtop to keep it from getting rubbed off. Well, keeping it on the puddle of drool on his chin was pretty much impossible, so we kept applying it to make sure it would help him out.

Before the laser treatment. Notice the piece of
Glad Press'N Seal stuck on his cheek!

Finn and Ella having a wagon ride while waiting to see the doctor.
Poor little guy looks so happy - he has no idea what's in store for him.

The actual procedure took less than a minute. Finn was so mad that everyone was trying to hold him down that he was already screaming before they lasered him, so I'm not sure how much it actually hurt. They just did about 7 or 8 quick zaps on his chin and one on his cheek and we were done! He calmed down very quickly and seemed just fine the rest of the day. Instantly the areas they lasered turned red and then a dark purple - almost black. I'll be curious to see how long they take to heal.
Immediately after the laser treatment. The areas they
lasered instantly turned red. Poor baby!

About one hour after the treatment. The areas
went from red, to dark purple. I think it looks
worse than it is because he seemed really happy
the rest of the day.


Courtney said...

Poor guy! Based on his expression it really must look worse than it feels.

Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

Poor kid...hopefully he'll heal quickly and not remember if it hurt or not for the next treatment!

Emily said...

Well this is the first we've heard of any birth mark. It must only be noticeable in person because you can't tell from the photos. Finn, you're such a trooper! So glad that he bounced back quickly enough. I guess the numbing cream worked.

***Marilee said...

Poor little man! But really, purple spots and all, he is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! That huge smile and big blue eyes will melt some hearts one of these days! Looks like he's taking after his future brother in law (G-man) in the handsome department!

Liz said...

What a sweet boy! That last photo does just pull at your heart. Glad he is such a good sport about it the rest of the day! Glad kids are so resilient.

(By the way, I'm Darin Jensen's wife. We met in Raymond!)