First Day of School

Today was Ella's first day of preschool. This is her second year of preschool - she is now in the 4-year old class. She is back with Miss Tanya this year - whom we both adore!

She was so excited this morning, she got dressed without a fight and, of course, picked out all her accessories on her own (the girl knows what she likes and she does not want anyone else's opinion!).

Before I took her to school, she happily posed for a few pictures. I can't believe how grown up she is!

There are 9 kids in her class at school. A lot of them are returning from her class last year, which she is so excited about. There will also be some new kids which will be great for her to make new friends.

Ella will go to school M,W,F from 9:30 to 12:00. I thought it would be a great time for me to go do errands - grocery store, Costco, post office, Nordstrom Rack :) .....but Finn naps right around 9:30, then eats at 11:00. Sadly, I will be hanging out at home. At least I can clean my bathrooms without a helper.
Ella with Miss Tanya. Not sure why,
but she wanted a baton as a prop in the picture.

Ella and one of her best little friends,
Sierra Jensen. Fierce posing, girls!


Gomez said...

She is way to cute to the max....watch out!!!

Gomez said...

She is way to cute to the max....watch out!!!

Gomez said...

Sorry...not sure why it posted it twice..haha

Becca, Brad, Jacob said...

Cute, cute family! (Be sure to read my comment about your triathalon!)

Marilee said...

Cute pics Tam! I'm sure you'll love your quiet bathroom cleaning mornings! If you ever want to bring Finn here on Mondays I'd gladly take him so you can get some errands run alone! I've dedicated my Mondays to being home, cleaning (I cancelled my housekeepers :-( ) and laundry! Every Monday, I'll be home so bring him over here to nap!

Emily Kerr said...

Ella looks so grown up and ready to take on anything and everything. She's getting so big. I'm jealous of your free mornings, relatively speaking. I'm sure you'll enjoy them and get so much accomplished with one less body to take care of.